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Many security problems start for homes and businesses when no one is watching. With Custom Surveillance & Networking Security Camera Systems, you can view a live feed of your security cameras from anywhere in the world using your – iPhone, Android, iPad, PC, Mac, and More! Custom surveillance services assure monitoring around the clock and covers all angles of the surveillance location to keep an eye on places you value, even when you're not looking.

Security Surveillance 


Network Solutions

Custom Surveillance & Networking provides upgrades, optimization and new wireless installations of enterprise wireless (WLAN) networks.  Our solutions include in-building wireless solutions, outdoor wireless solutions, point to point, and point to multipoint wireless systems. Whether your company’s building, expanding or moving to a new facility or just need to update an obsolete wireless network due to aging hardware, we will provide a network design to fit your needs. 

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Network Solutions

Custom Surveillance & Networking provides upgrades, optimization and new wireless installations of enterprise wireless (WLAN) networks.  Our solutions include in-building wireless solutions, outdoor wireless solutions, point to point and point to multi-point wireless systems. Whether your company’s building, expanding, moving to a new facility or just need to update an obsolete wireless network due to aging hardware, we will provide a network design to fit your needs.

We offer cable system design, installation, and integration services over the spectrum of voice, data, electronic safety & security, audio and video technologies; encompassing optical fiber, copper and wireless based distribution systems.  Installations are based on ANSI/TIA/EIA and BICSI standards-compliant designs and are delivered with the industry’s best installation practices and highest quality craftsmanship by fully licensed and trained installation teams.


Custom Surveillance Network and Computer Repair serves a wide variety of industries, including commercial accounts, manufacturing facilities, universities and schools, healthcare organizations, and government offices throughout the CT footprint.  In partnering with many of the areas leading IT consultants, architects, systems furniture vendors, AV contractors, engineers, and general contractors, Custom Surveillance Network and Computer Repair has built a reputation for professional installations with a common-sense and responsive approach to problem solving. From multi-building campus environments and data centers, to classified clean rooms, we have the expertise, resources, and experience to handle any cabling environment.

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems, known as Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), consist of a security camera, a digital video recorder (DVR) and monitor. Custom Surveillance offers a large variety of high-quality equipment to bring you cutting-edge solutions for your home or business located in Milwaukee & surrounding areas.  A few camera systems we use are: Dahua, Hikvision, Zosi, and Inaxsys Storm.


Horizontal Cabling

Horizontal cabling connecting the end user’s Work Area Outlet to the Telecom Room is installed in properly supported bundles and fire-rated sleeve assemblies to comply with all applicable electrical and building codes. Custom Surveillance Network and Computer Repair installations ranging from the most cost effective CAT5E designs all the way up to the highest bandwidth maximum density CAT6A systems will be completed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation practices, distance limitations, and warranty requirements.  When choosing Custom Surveillance Network and Computer Repair, you will get the peace of mind that your installation will be eligible to receive an extended manufacturer warranty, often 20-25 years, that is possible only when choosing a certified installation contractor.

Backbone Cabling

Custom Surveillance Network and Computer Repair connects Telecom Rooms, Equipment Rooms, and Entrance Facilities within a building or between buildings on campuses. Multipair voice cable, coax cable for video applications, and fiber optic cable to handle Information Technology System applications is achieved with the goal of maximizing network flexibility, survivability, and the inevitably higher bandwidth demands of future services.

Campus Cabling

A well conceived cable system design for the campus is critical for accommodating newer, moredemanding technologies and efficiently deploying new services.  Systems relying on an effective design range from traditional LAN and Wireless traffic to VOIP.  In addition, dozens of additional services are increasingly dependent on a reliable and robust campus backbone.

  • Surveillance and Security

  • Solar Energy

  • Metering of Services (water, electric)

  • Fire and Alarm

  • Mass Notification

  • Building Automation and Controls

  • Video and Campus Communication

  • Event Systems

  • Message Boards

  • Time and Tracking

Fiber Optic Cabling

Complete Fiber Optic cabling services include:

  • Inter-Building and Intra-Building Campus Installations

  • Backbone Fiber

  • Horizontal Fiber

  • Fiber Optic Cable Splicing

  • Power Meter Testing

  • OTDR Signature Trace and Troubleshooting/Repair

  • Service Restoration

  • Fiber Optic System Certifications and Commissioning

Data Centers

Custom Surveillance Network and Computer Repair has extensive experience in Data Center installations, expansions, and relocations.  Recent projects include all of the following:

  • Network, Server, and SAN Cabinets

  • Equipment Racks and Cable Managment

  • Multi-tiered Ladder Rack and Cable Tray Systems

  • PDU Cabinets, VESDA

  • 50um Fiber Intercabinet Cabling (including 28,000 MPO Fiber Systems)

  • CAT6 Intercabinet Cabling

  • Top of Cabinet Connectivity Designs

  • Hot Aisle Containment Pod Systems

  • Complete Grounding and Bonding Systems

  • Both Raised Floor and Slab Floor Designs

  • Data Center Access and Surveillance Systems

  • System Commissioning and Manufacturer Warranty Testing/Documentation

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Desktop Repair

Having desktop or laptop related issues? Have peace of mind by knowing it will be fixed by a professional. Our trained technicians are well versed in all things desktop. From simple driver issues, scanning tools to clean your pc, complex hardware overhauls, and even custom computer builds, we can do it all and we know how to fix computer problems. Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Drives updates

  • Malware removal

  • Operating system install

  • Memory upgrades

  • Data transfer

  • Hard drive replacements

  • Video card installation



Laptop Repair

We cover a wide range of laptop based repair such as screen repair, keyboard, hinge replacements, and hard drive failure. Our all inclusive fee covers diagnostics and labor and we never tack on hidden fees. Have a dead or failing hard drive? Not to worry, we can fix that. Years of education and hands on experience has trained our techs to become experts at recovering and transferring data.

Virus Removal

Experiencing periodic slow downs and excessive pop-ups? Odds are your PC is infected and is in need of servicing. Here at outletPC we value our customers and go above and beyond to rid our customer's systems of any malicious content by running an extensive virus scan. At the end of your servicing you will be briefed on the type of infection and how to best prevent a reinfection.

Memory Upgrades

Your computer is performing slow when multiple programs are open but you do not know what to do. Don't risk upgrading your expensive PC on your own. Allow OutletPC to take a look at your system to determine if you are suffering from insufficient RAM. We recommend RAM upgrades as they are the most cost effective way to improve overall system performance. We carry a variety of upgrades at our Vegas store and everything is at an affordable price. Stop by today and return your PC to its former glory.

Password Removal

Forgetting your password and being locked out of Windows can be embarrassing. OutletPC has you covered. We can remove most Windows passwords so long as PC ownership can be proven.



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